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Toner / Inkjet Refilling?


Transform no-longer –usable toner or ink cartridges that are tantamount to their original ancestors. It offers huge cost savings by its remanufactured cartridges without compromising on quality. The performance of Cartridges is tantamount to the OEM toner cartridges

Amazon is getting in to new segment (Refilling Training Courses) which creates a person to be an owner on his own. After all, a student after completes his studies, needs a secured job with satisfaction which gives him good remuneration. Here, we have a bunch of solution those who are interested in do something great.
* Normally an IT / edp person doesn’t have the depth knowledge about printer and cartridges. This course will make him a specialist in that and he will be a more informative in his team
* He can carry out a own business
* Affordable fees structure for course which gives him a good job or business.
* Very short duration for course. One cannot study, Learn, gain knowledge, be trained and setup a business in 30 days. Here, we will make a person to do it.

Training Methods
* Theoretical session
* Practical session
* Live practical session
* Diagnosing, attending, solving – discussions
* Customer handling
* Mock trail
* Audio, video presentation
* Marketing and promotional tips

* will be issued after completing a training course

Training & Setup Assistance

Training Only

Dealer or Distributor Network