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Refilling / Re-Furbished / Remanufactured


Refilling is nothing but adding toner powder to the empty toner cartridge. We are using high quality imported toner powder to maintain the quality, yield of the cartridge. The toner powder used by us for refilling will not damage any part of the printer

Re-furbished Toner Cartridge
It consists of cleaning the toner cartridge with a specified fluid then servicing and changing the components like blades, drum, gears, rollers and bushes and finally adding of high quality imported toner powder. In short, it is a process of conditioning, replacing the inner components of the toner cartridge to perform one more cycle without any problem.

Remanufactured Toner Cartridge
It consists of replacement of all inner components in the cartridge such as OPC drum, Wiper blade, Doctor Blade, Primary Charge Roller, Magnetic roller, Recovery Blades, Gears, Bushes Etc. In short, it is a process of assembling or manufacturing a toner cartridge using existing shell.

Printer Service
All brands like HP, Samsung, Canon, Xerox, Brother, Epson laser Jet, Ink Jet printers can be serviced at affordable price. We maintain enough spare parts of the printers for timely service. We do all HP, Canon, Samsung laser printers service from basic models to higher end models. We maintain quality in service which results the problem will not occur again until wear and tare.

Providing spares and offering Free Preventive Maintenance* to enhance the productivity and to bring down the operational costs for all our customers.

Below are the few concepts offered by us.
1) On call basis can be done
2) AMC - Annual Maintenance Contract
3) ASC - Annual Service Contract
4) PM - Preventive Maintenance